A history of note taking

A new approach to knowledge management is emerging with new AI desktop applications like rewindAI, a silent program for Silicon Macs that records everything you do on your computer (browse, documents, and .. audio recordings !) and can give back with common language queries. While this sounds very intrusive, could also be a standard in future operating systems in 2024.

In the meanwhile we all need to store information somewhere : notes, stories, images, thousands of bookmarks . Speaking of bookmarks, have you tried the new Arc browser which has an innovative way of dealing with those, making your memory an extension of the internet. You can just store notes next to your folder bookmarks.

Note taking on your desktop

Back to note making : in 2023 I tried Obsidian, not too bad a note taker with folder and tags, a bit in the same manner as Mac Notes. Which I stopped using because of bad search / result interface : could not find notes quickly after search when text is long.

Obsidian is better at rendering results, but the user interface is a bit cloggy in my opinion, especially when it comes to text formatting. In spite of this remark I have to say I love the task list feature , converts any list into tasks completion interface. In short I would say Obsidian is more than a good markdown editor, and open to community plugin making.

but I don't really need markdown archives, I need more powerful editing features like mind mapping for notes. Well it's core obsidian !! Another reason for not using obsidian ? well I would like someone come up with a really improved search algorithm.. Wait it's coming : we have this really astonishing plugin that calls OpenAI API to power queries from within Obsidian !!

Note taking on the internet

Ok. Well if you care to use WordPress like I do on this blog to store memory reports, the solution will provide you with chronological archive, tag and hierarchical category sorting. Requires your own webhosting and web expertise though. Or you can just HTML code your own Second Brain. A lighter solution is software as a service like Notesnook, which is also opensource and has tasks lists, tables within the Wysiwyg markdown editor.

the famous https://www.notion.so/ has the ability to integrate databases with flexible schema and block based editor.

Creating relationships between notes

remember mindmapping applications ? both octo.app (web based note editor) and Obsidian (desktop editor) include tag / hyperlink relation ship between your documents AND mindmap style visual display of relationship . Great feature but not often used in my opinion. Well until I found that option in Obsidian that allows TAGS to serve as connectors in the whole mindmap schema... With the tag / link map maker, Obsidian started a trend which now extends to markmap editing, via a markdown editor plugin which creates real mind maps with the possibility of including description on the relation. This feature is also available via a free plugin on VSCODE by the way, Microsoft's free advanced text editor.

Get further to uncharted territory

  • https://znote.io/ for javascript prototyping
  • https://octo.app/
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