Intuition comes first

Meet Erwan, full stack PHP freelancer from Locronan, Brittany, working worldwide since 1995 for both small and big business.

Full stack web Tech expertise at your service

Work with me and you'll get 10 year garantee on your development at reasonable cost. Not joking, if you want it for 20 years it will work. Sustainable and earth conscious business only. Tip : that's you too

Database design
Talk to me about PHP / Jquery / Mysql / Laravel / Nova : currently the most serious candidate for your next project.
Web Development
You want to go online quick and cheap : Boostrap WordPress Prestashop Magento are your friend if you can't afford to wait. Don't know about Magento2 though, this guys' getting seriously weird .
Micro service stack
Go small. With those guys next door (database + web) we develop any micro service you need : web site, e-commerce, quote calculator, calendars, anything you can imagine.
Learning & teaching
Well if you feel like it, learn. I'm here to teach and actually that's a big part of the job.
3D Design
I'm getting good at threejs /babylon js gaming :). mainly for industrial product design
and all the stuff
Well I do some photography for good customers and love to play the old tune from time to time. that's life in the west of brittany !!

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