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Chapter 1 : Story telling

Every world starts with a story. In our world, should I say universe, here in the west or Europe we have been for centuries relying on the old story of the big bang to explain the creation of the universe. That's one story among others within the scientific paradigm, and the fact that it is deducted by physical laws that can be proven mathematically on the basis of reproductible phenomenons makes that theory more convincing for a lot of us. But it is not the only story available down there, some - actually a lot- humans see it differently, you would say in a more religious way, I would say we are too scientists relying on reigious concepts ... Anyway you're probably aware that some humans believe the earth was conceived from the top of a turtle, others see a giant snake linking the earth to the universal consciousness. As you can see there is extreme diversity in stories of origins, but they all have one thing in common, they come from human consciousness, not an electronic calculator. Continue to make your own stories will make serious difference from the tsunami of machine generated texts that are already filling up the internet with meaningless paragraph from ChatGPT and successors…

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