Three js create an egg

You can, create nice spheres from three js basic objects, or cylinder like figures with the Lathe object. Well I was looking to create an egg and this is quite easy if you like to play with mathematical sinus and cosinus. This guy's a bit like me, more than 30 years experience and blog for expert that gives a nice algorithm for creating an egg shape within three js platform. I've extended his algorithm so that it can fit in any scene, what ever dimension unit you've chosen. Personnally I work with millimeters so I easily use thousands, where as initially most three js demos work on single ubnits. Method waveCreateEgg takes position , width and height arguments. Enjoy

waveCreateEgg   (x,y,z, w,h) {
    var arr = [], girth =h, apex = girth * 0.111111111; // fine-tune girth value

    for (var rad = 0; rad <= Math.PI; rad += 0.1047) { // 0.1047 radians == 6 degrees
      var v = new T.Vector2((apex * Math.cos(rad) + girth) * Math.sin(rad), - Math.cos(rad)*w);

    var e= new T.Mesh(
        new T.LatheGeometry(arr, 24), this. eggMaterial

      e.castShadow = true;
      e.receiveShadow = true;
      return e;

Yes this piece of code is supposed to be integrated in an object based structure like our WaveScene Threejs extension, basic usage within that framework would be the following :

this.scene.addToScene( this.waveCreateEgg(500,500,500, 800,700)   , "WaveEgg");
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