AI PIN : will the next killer device get HUMANE ?

Founded by Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, a couple of ex APPLE engineers, HUMANE is a new SANFRANCISCO company that markets AI PIN, a new device, mix of credit card and golf ball, supposed to replace your Iphone. Obviously a master of technology, the small 700$ object is a voice powered computer that has replaced the smart touch screen by laser beams projected on the palm of your hand : what could be more human ? the objects obeys to your voice, translates instantly any language, takes photos and videos and transfers them to your cloud instantly (via T Mobile subscription), and also most importantly reacts to various natural finger moves that add a third dimension to the touch concept that conquered the world when the Iphone came to market 15 years ago. Small enough to see, hear and feel everything you experience, the magnet's biggest innovation in my eyes is its perpertual power system , simply by the fact that it comes with two batteries. The most simple feature of a complex device being the decisive element that makes it available any time, I now wonder if this voice powered system could not be the last time marker of Sapiens evolution before humans massively make the step to intrusive brain machine interfaces, currently in development in some mysterious laboratories among which one of them commonly known as Neuralink.

My comment: having been hooked by nice presentation videos where you see the founder carrying the pad on his suit, taking pictures at finger touch, I personnally don't like the idea of this collar smart device attached to millions of passerbys.

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