Javascript vs PHP : syntax variations

Everybody has their own work brest practise : in my case I rely on arrays for lots of algorithmic trick, an dI often get confused when I use theme in both PHP and Javascript

if like me you work on full stack development on a mix javascript frontend and PHP backend, then you switch from one to the other every minute. Quick cheat sheet of syntax variation

Array init$arr=[]
let arr=Array(2)
arr=Array("2", "3")
Array initialization is tricky in javascript , confusion can occur because if you give a number,
Array will specify array length, otherwise, specify array content
Array add element$arr[]="element"arr.push("element")
array loop for ($k=0; $k<count($arr); $k++) {echo $arr[$i]}
foreach ($arr as $k=>$v){echo $arr[$i]}
for (let i = 0; i < arr.length ; i++) { {console.log(arr[i]);}
arr.forEach((element, index) => console.log(element));
for (const element of array1) {console.log(element);}
String concatuse dot , example
$str = $str1.$str2
use + , example
round decimal numbers (2 decimals)round($number, 2)number.toFixed(2);
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