10+ promising AI services and experiments

beyond the usual midjourney, chat gpt, stable diffusion, you find niche AI solutions that accomplish specific tasks.

  • plagiarism detection with detectGPT
  • all purpose code generation with askcodi. Speaking of code, if you like to deal with databases, basedash will generate administration interfaces for you !!
  • image to 3D generation with alpha3D
  • [experimental] threejs prompt code generation with open source  Three.js AI Generator
  • Vectorize does what it says, convert images to vectors
  • smart rename download and auto organize bookmarks with ARC browser's intelligence
  • select candidates for your next killer tech job with CodeSignal. if you're a developer, get yourself up to date with recruiting processes
  • detect, count, classify, identify animals with traptagger , also implemented by Gramener
  • global transportation : reduce CO2 emissions and optimize shipping costs with BluePulse

Source : TechCrunch AI section

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