Masonry with tailwind : easier than expected

following my latest study of blog design using masonry bootstrap, I decided to investigate the same effect with tailwind css. Turns out that it's so simple it's done in native tailwind without css.. Example on tailwindflex, collection of tailwind layouts.

Speaking of tailwind, you'll find here a collection of free templates. Seems that tailwind likes to go along with next, a vue/nuxt equivalent for react, seems way more popular. UIdeck, author of more than 20 open source templates, show a good example of cross technology development, including both tailwind and bootstrap templates.

you can find more elaborate templates on various providers, like cruip that builds template for various frameworks (next, vue, Laravel), or grayGrids (by pimjo, creator of uideck), or awesometailwind (fixed menu templates from Creative Tim or Themesberg ) . All these freebies comme with node js integration, allowing on the fly tailwind compilation while you work. If you want to start quick with CDN tailwind, try Landing Page Master from tailwind toolbox.

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