Wysiwyg editors

While searching for new ways of dealing with custom tailwind css templates within modern CMS, I searched wysiwyg editor news.


https://editorjs.io has block management, and can convert a block type : imagine you start typing a text and want it to be a header, editor js allows that. Gutenberg does not . https://quilljs.com/ looks nice too, but more simple editor. [edit 202406 ] a new player for React powered stuff : https://platejs.org/

WordPress inline editing

this blog article describes how to use Advanced Custom Fields to display a side bar that allows basic inline editing. Of course you could argue that's the kind of job done by complex visual builders like Visual Composer or Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, but they all come at some cost (financial) and weight (in bytes) and maintenance. ACF does cost too but so interessant in terms of flexibility... Gutenberg, for now, disappoints me but who knows...

Nodejs based Content Management

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