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as of version 3 of WordPress, posts and pages have three options for visibility  :

  • public : everyone sees the post,  in the list and directly from the permalink
  • password protected  post title is displayed only,  permalink works but content protected by password
  • private : not displayed in the list for guests (non connecte) visitors, permalink returns 404

What we're looking for today is a solution that hides the post from the list but allows certain users to see it via permalink. Of course you can give the permalink and tell the user to identify via the wp-login page, but this can be complex for beginners. Ideally you would give the permalink of a private page and if not connecetd the visitor will be presented a login prompt. Here's a review of available  solutions, tips and plugins

  • Tip : post specific template that redirects user to standard login form
    found also at  : http://www.marketingtechblog.com/wordpress/login-content-wordpress-page-template/
  • a specific option allows coder to redirect user to a page after login  : http://brockangelo.com/2009/12/17/redirect-users-back-to-page-they-were-on/
  • wp private plugin displays a login form in place of the restricted part of the article
  • Member Access plugin overrides wordpress default settings in a new menu, and redirects the restricted pages to the login screen. Indeed, does the job perfectly but the fact that it doesn't use the default wordpress might compromize compatibility with future versions. For the moment  I've tested it on v3.0 beta and works fine.
  • User Access Manager plugin does the same job but I haven't tested it and seems to be inactive
  • UserBase Access Control looks like a new promising development

Other privacy options and plugins are available for WordPress. We've tested for our intranet project some pugins that restrict the whole blog to registered users.

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