Looks who’s going MAD

in the 70s , the MAD acronym stood for Mutually Assured Destruction, a sign of times when nuclear weapons on both sides of antagonist empires of the COLD WAR where in numbers that guaranteed total destruction of life on the planet if fired together in reciprocal strikes.

Today, the MAD Acronym resurfaces with a similar "so called" threat to civilization, or rather identified as threat by those who think they have no control over : Artificial Intelligence technology scares us because it move fast towards something we can't imagine. Generative models that create texts , images, music from examples provided by human artistic production can now reproduce style, virtuosity, and in a sense, sense. Well it took humans a few months to admit that this stuff is, for now, going MAD : not in a destructive way though, but in a sort of live proof that those machines don't use -yet- their brains at best capacity. In a few words, feed them with their own automatic generated content for a few steps , and they start going off road, or would you say they start showing signs of a new syndrom called Model Autophagy Disorder.

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