Accessing DOM in nuxt when not ready

In a NUXT3 multi component application, some elements might not be available instantly with the document.querySelector API. This behaviour has been identified as a resolved issue since 2022 (and that was about nuxt2) and the only way to solve it seems to activate the selector after setTimeout in the mounted event of the component. I experienced the issue in the process of generating an image from a fabricjs canva, which I reference using its css ID. Note that the canvas does exist as a separate variable in Mounted, but I needed to reference canva is an independent method from shared composable.

    this.canvas=new fabric.Canvas('waveCanvas')

    this.waveChoixStore.$subscribe((mutation, state) => { this.drawAll()   })
    const waveResultStore=useResultStore()
    setTimeout(() => {
      if ( useWaveSavePhoto()

export async function useWaveSavePhoto  () {
    const waveResultStore=useResultStore()
    const waveAppStore=useAppStore();
var canvas=document.querySelector(("#waveCanvas"))
    var photo = canvas.toDataURL('image/png');

    const waveSavePhoto = await $fetch(waveAppStore.ajaxUrl  + "wavStoreImage",
            method: 'POST',

            body: {
                photo: photo,
                i: entryId
        }).catch((error) => {

        if (error) {
            alert("error generating schema");
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