Gutenberg advance block columns plugin

Default Gunteberg editor comes with basic layout features, allowing management of blocks within predefined column width, that can be adjusted via the Block options. this is very handy to start with advanced image/ text alignement issues, one thing missing though is the ability to work with responsivness customization. The example below demonstrates the column block, and you can see it is designed to respond to screen size the way you'd expect on most image / text by placing text below image, thanks to the stack on mobile option of the column block. But it's hard to setup on custom themes, as it keeps the original layout ratio on desktop even though small screens layout make this layout harder to read. Of course this could be handled by a simple css rule in your style.css, demonstration below.

@media (max-width: 764px) {
    .wp-block-columns  {
        display: block !important;

Sample image / text alignement with Gutenberg blocks, using middle vertical align

Enter custom free plugin : advanced column is a better free / premium option for working with responsive layouts. The interface for options adds needed parameters to column layout control, a bit like you'd find with elementor, except this time you're working with native Gutenberg Blocks.

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